I must say, my experence from the moment I walked into Nettie's place was first class all the way. I was greeted with a cup of hot tea while we went over the procedures and I did the paper work. She explained everything in great detail as she went along, which I appreciated very much. She also made sure that I was comfortable with heat on my back, and a comforter over me. After my proceedure was done, she placed iced cotton rounds on the area for about 10 min. and gave me a wonderful hand massage! She then went over my after care with me to make sure I understood everything. I can honestly say that you do "Pay For What You Get". With Nettie, I got a "Bon Macy" experience, and with someone else, probably could have been a "WalMart" experience. I will send everyone I know to Nettie. 
Cathy Karl -- Boise, Id.
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